Keystone and more Jobs!

Spent Wednesday night at our condo in Dillion, CO… lil skiin’ followed up by some hot tubbin’! ¬†Check out the view from the back deck!

Also, here are a few pics of past projects.

Russel’s Mug at Tavern 13

Andrew’s banner for his dorm room

Brian’s truck and trailer

A picture for the Ladies! ūüėČ ¬†Washington Park, Denver, Colorado

Do You Like Stickerz?

I got an early wakeup call from Colin Wayne of Stick Stickz , he needed a grip of stickers to mail out and give to his athletes that were in todays Grand Prix¬†Men’s Halfpipe comp. at ¬†Copper Mnt.

Headed down to RedLine to drop off the Lettering. ¬†Snapped a few pictures of some previous Lettering that i’ve done.

From there i stopped in at VeloWood Bike Shop to drop off some stickers for Brian. ¬† Also picked up my new pedals and a fresh white tire. ¬†Do You Like Bikes? ¬†ūüėÄ

Flylow orders up some Big A** Decals!!

Dan Abrams is a longtime friend and client of Mad Graphics 303, working with FLYLOW has been a dream since the beginning.  If you are in need of some technical gear check them out first!

I’ve also been working with students from Denver Metro State. ¬†Michael Labruyere has returned with a new project. ¬†He will be filling these tubes with some liquids and then lighting them up.

Redline Art Gallery has also been a great client and working with the resident artists has been amazing!  MG303 gets jobs every month from them, Thank you!  Today I made vinyl lettering for an upcoming show scheduled for mid December.

DECEMBER! yes i, tis the season!!

Hello Friends of the Internet,

A big UP to Yoda Jim for his most recent work with MG303. ¬†1000 stickers and screen printed hoodies and t’s!

I do¬†apologize¬†for the yellow pics…my camera was set up wrong and i was in a hurry! ūüôĀ

So after the drop off I grabbed the standard treo from Noodles and Company, so good.  Then Jumped back on the computer to design and make a banner for Stacey Davis for an up coming Mixed Marshal Arts event.

I was super proud of this sticker…proud a u!

and this little guy,


since i got you here. ¬†Check out what i saw on my walk with Ava yesterday…wash park….playa hate’n

Gettin’ it done now – Ridin’ it tomorrow

Another successful day here at MG303-

Dropped off vinyl lettering to Redline Art Gallery , Stopped in at Moe’s Original BBQ for a blackened mahi mahi sandwich and sweet¬†potato¬†casserole, YES!

Alpine CrossFit ordered another 8ft x 2ft banner for there grand opening this weekend Saturday December 4th.

Alpine CrossFit is also home to More Than Muscle. MTM ordered a 3ft printed banner for the office window.

**Fully Taped and Grommeted Seams! **

Now, ¬†I’m out to Dillion to crash at the condo and Ride Keystone in the morning!!

Unity Boutique's Sign – Sick Stickz Pole Display

Keeping you in the “Just In”

Unity Boutique is a:

  • Eco-friendly clothing and accessories
  • Clothing Made in the USA
  • Clothing and accessories made from sustainable materials… bamboo, recycled fabric, organic cotton and more
  • Socially responsible clothing

MG303 put together a wide range of services for Unity.

  • Business Card design as well as production – using a local printer that utilizes the “green” movement they use Solar Engery, Recycled paper and soy inks.
  • Coupon design and production with recycled materials
  • Die Cut stickers
  • Custom Vinyl wrapped sign with Logo


Cards Back

Final Version:


unity sign2

This was the first version:

unity sign1


Colin Wayne (co-owner) of Sick Stickz stopped by with an old ski pole display that needed some customization. ¬†Colin along with his twin brother Ben have been close friends and clients with MG303 since the ’07 ski season.


pole display

Pole Display 2

Mad Graphics in CRAWL Magazine

Hey Kids!

We just got our scanner working and wanted to share with you some more Mad Graphics 303 in print!

Congratulations to the boys at HomeGrown Racing!  They have been competing the past 2 years in Xtreme Rock Racing (XRRA) with their custom built rock crawler/racer.   This season they made it to the finals!   They took the top 15 teams for the west and the top 15 teams for the east.  The race will be held in Colorado Springs on September 19th.

This article features “The Raisin” which has gone through a couple graphic phases. ¬†Pictured is last seasons skins.

CoverRaisin_Page Cropped

Below are this seasons colors.


MG303's work on Channel 2 news

Drum Head Screen Shot

Something Underground have been friends of MG303 for a couple years now and I was lucky enough to work with them recently. ¬†I applied their logo to the kick drum hours before this live show with Channel 2 News! ¬†If you’re not doing anything Monday August 17th, come out to Red Rocks and support them, and a bunch of other bands for the 40th anniversary of Woodstock!

check out the video:

Something Underground – I’m Free